Ken Hayes is a pioneer in the e-learning (web-based training) field, particularly in Scandinavia and Denmark, where he co-founded IMS Learning A/S in 1994.  Based in Copenhagen, IMS was one of the first multimedia companies in that country and, as CEO/Managing Director, Ken built it up to be the market leader, recognized with multiple industry awards and blue-chip clients.

His particular skill is in conceiving and executing solutions which are commercially successful for the client, yet engaging and useful for the actual users.  He has created solutions in the pharmaceutical, financial and software industries.

IMS Learning A/S logo

Ken was Managing Director, on the Board of Directors, and the largest individual shareholder.

In July 2000, IMS Learning A/S formed a US subsidiary in Burbank, which Ken started.  Ergosaver provided a web-based health & safety training service to help prevent ergonomic injuries by pc users.

On January 1, 2007, IMS Learning A/S was acquired by the public British e-learning company Assima Plc at www.assima.net/us/. Visit Danish subsidiary at: www.assima.net/da/ (in Danish language only).

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Visit this company at:  www.ergosaver.com (link may no longer be active). Ken was President and CEO of Ergosaver, Inc.  Ergosaver won the largest US Federal Government contract for office ergonomics training and had other major blue-ship clients, including Boeing. In 2004, this subsidiary was devolved back into IMS and the program continued in Europe.