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Rumors, espceially about Internet business

Will Apple get Microshafted by Google?

Having lived through Apple’s entire corporate history (and still own IPO shares), I see the writing on the wall – history will repeat itself 25 years later.  This time, it will be Google spoiling Apple, not Microsoft.  I just got … Continue reading

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Hot Tip for Domainers: 853-1212

Hilarious article in the LA Times this morning about how at&t (formerly SBC, formerly PacBell, formerly AT&T with big letters) is abandoning their automated time service on 853-1212 in California, active since 1948. Apparently, there are too many other ways … Continue reading

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Money for Content and your Clicks for Free

Web authors have long dreamed of making money from nothing, or in this case, the content they generate.  It’s rare to make a living from your articles; face it, most stuff isn’t very good.  Popular websites, like YouTube, MySpace, Wikipedia and … Continue reading

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Real Google Story Drowned out by YouTube Rumors

Sure, today comes the rumor that Google is in talks to buy YouTube for $1.6bn (about $53 per YouTube user).  This managed to create 375+ news articles in a couple hours.  See details on Google’s own News site: But … Continue reading

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