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Will Apple get Microshafted by Google?

Having lived through Apple’s entire corporate history (and still own IPO shares), I see the writing on the wall – history will repeat itself 25 years later.  This time, it will be Google spoiling Apple, not Microsoft.  I just got … Continue reading

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Demo Slam – Google Finally Starts Marketing?

Surfing around today I ran across a Google AdSense banner promoting a couple videos and the tag line “Choose the Champ”. Curious what Google was advertising on its own network, I clicked. Turns out Google has started promoting how its … Continue reading

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Google Shoots Local Business – Lost Their Head?

Getting a haircut the other day at my neighborhood barber, I nearly fell off the chair when she said a man from Google had stopped by and photographed her small shop – inside and out.  Actually she said something like, … Continue reading

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Run a Startup on Google Apps?

In my quest to become less dependent on PC-based programs (that’s you, Microsoft Office and Outlook) and to become more web and “cloud” centric, I have experimented with running a couple startups on the Google Apps platform. It is both … Continue reading

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Rather be a Shark or an Angel?

Amused that ABC thought there was any entertainment value in showing the entrepreneur-investor fund-raising process (yawn!), I checked out the first few episodes of Shark Tank. Actually, it’s pretty entertaining, and my kids and I are now sitting in front … Continue reading

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