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Blogging? So Passé

No blog updates in three years? Did I fall off the face of the Earth? No. Just shifted to other platforms. To see what I’ve been up to, check out these links, and feel free to follow me: Twitter: @KenHayesLA … Continue reading

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Why Facebook Bought Instagram: The Secret Ingredient

One word: Kids. I haven’t validated the stats yet, but here’s anecdotal evidence from a flock of 13-year-old seventh graders. I first learned of Instagram from my daughter, an avid iPhone user, about seven months ago. I couldn’t figure out … Continue reading

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Khan Academy Makes E-learning Exciting – Is This Possible?

Khan Academy is coming close to home. One of my kid’s schools has been selected for a pilot test of middle- and high-school math classes based on the Khan system. It’s a one-year test run by the Math Department Head … Continue reading

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Google Gets Marketing – Chrome

I’ve criticized Google before about creating great products but ignoring them with poor marketing and promotion so that they die on the vine. Well, Google is finally amping up its marketing mojo with Chrome. Starting this month, Google rolled out … Continue reading

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Farewell Yahoo Small Business Hosting

Today I finally rid myself of the last components of Yahoo Small Business Hosting. Though a faithful customer for five years (at $19.95/month!), I have seen Yahoo’s hosting performance deteriorate, features poorly/inconsistently implemented, and crippled Blackberry/iPhone integration. I have seen … Continue reading

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