Google Gets Marketing – Chrome

I’ve criticized Google before about creating great products but ignoring them with poor marketing and promotion so that they die on the vine. Well, Google is finally amping up its marketing mojo with Chrome.

Starting this month, Google rolled out a series of TV commercials promoting its Chrome browser (and soon to be OS). Chrome is positioned as the centerpiece of all the Google features (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) No big deal, except that the commercials ooze sentimentality and inspiration, as well as showing the power of Google products. You cannot help but be mesmerized by them. Not unlike the Apple iPad commercials showing sample apps – but Google is way more powerful because it’s actually a network with depth and breadth far exceeding Apple.

Kudos to Google’s agency BBH – Bartle Bogle Hegarty, LLC in New York and the star power they’ve assembled. Game on, Apple! (sorry Microsoft. . .)

1. Google Chrome: It Gets Better
982,000 views in 24 days – fair growth
Making a serious subject accessible and hip to discuss.

2. Google Chrome: Dear Sophie
1.1 million views in 24 days – very good growth
My wife tears up every time she sees this!

3.  Google Chrome: Lady Gaga
1.1 million views in 5 days – wow – the power of Mother Monster?
Love the music, and I cannot stop looking at Lady Gaga no matter how hard I try. The new generation’s Madonna.

Google Mashes Up Fan Videos for Lady Gaga Spot:

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