Farewell Yahoo Small Business Hosting

Today I finally rid myself of the last components of Yahoo Small Business Hosting. Though a faithful customer for five years (at $19.95/month!), I have seen Yahoo’s hosting performance deteriorate, features poorly/inconsistently implemented, and crippled Blackberry/iPhone integration. I have seen the light, and it is (for now)… Google Apps. I feel strangely liberated – and I have regained control over my online presence.

It started out fine in 2006:  I registered my kbhayes.com domain at Yahoo, created a WordPress blog, used the business webmail, set up my business/family calendars, and synchronized everything to my Blackberry via my PC.

Soon, Yahoo started re-designing their modules (for example, Contacts and Calendar; see Yahoo Jumps Shark Again). But although they tried to implement fancy Web 2.0 features, they dropped useful features that I used. They bogged down the performance and muddled the user interface. And added banner ads to a service I already paid for.

Last year, my WordPress blog began to disappear from the web a couple times per month, requiring a personal call from me to an escalated tech support rep who had to regenerate my SQL database – and acknowledged that Yahoo commonly had problems keeping blogs running on their servers. Not to mention that it would take 4-5 seconds for my blog homepage to appear, when it did work.

Finally, Yahoo was unable to integrate e-mail folders and multiple calendars on my Blackberry. These features were implemented in 2010 for single Yahoo users, but not the Small Business users, i.e. paying customers.  The last straw was when my Blackberry would no longer synch via my PC with Yahoo Calendar – since Yahoo apparently changed the data format of calendar entries. Without telling Blackberry users.

Through all this, the Yahoo / AT&T online support system and documentation were consistently out of synch with the features in their systems. Really comforting to receive an “Error 404 – Page Not Found” from their help system when clicking on their own help links!?! Yahoo doesn’t have their act together.

So farewell Yahoo. Good riddance. Google, I’ll give you a chance.

Over my five years as a customer, Yahoo stock dropped by 52% and Google rose over 55%. Coincidence?

P.S. I have already migrated from Yahoo to GoDaddy for domain management, HostGator for WordPress hosting and Google Apps for e-mail, calendar, contacts and iPhone integration. More news shortly on how I did it.

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3 Responses to Farewell Yahoo Small Business Hosting

  1. Hey Ken

    Good to see that you are now on the Google Wagon :).

    It’s fantastic how cheap (free) it is to operate even modest sized companies based on services and applications from the big G.

    Even though I dread waking up one morning and Google has decided to suspend my account, I really don’t see much of an alternative anymore (perhaps I’ve been using them for too long).

  2. Yes, I have been with Yahoo Small Business about the same length of time as you. Similar story here. My premium mail has less features now than my free a/c & has no Android App for my fone, unlike the free Yahoo mail. Like you, I have also registered other domain names with GoDaddy as they are cheaper. I’ve had a problem with an ftp file manager default for 5 years and complain every year but never a response! (I don’t phone as I am in Australia.) I’m looking elsewhere, too. At least I know it’s not just me! Thanku for sharing this.

  3. carol says:

    Hi Ken good for you – I am sooo frustrated with Yahoo and this split – last Wed I had the tech dept on and they promised my site would be up and running inb 72 hrs here it is 8 days later. My domain name is owned by a co called Melbourne Ltd in Australia and they say Yahoo managers my domain – so does that mean I am stuck with them??? I did my own website thru VistaPrint and they host my site and Yahoo manages my domain do you have any ideas???? Allk VistaPrinted needed was for 3 ip numbers be given to Yahoo and then directed to them so here I site without a website since before xmas….

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