Demo Slam – Google Finally Starts Marketing?

Surfing around today I ran across a Google AdSense banner promoting a couple videos and the tag line “Choose the Champ”. Curious what Google was advertising on its own network, I clicked.

Turns out Google has started promoting how its (free) technologies can be used in the real world. Basically, is a site showing two videos head-to-head where users can vote for their favorite. Nothing new in that. Some of the videos have 100,000+ views, which is fair in the 4 weeks since launch, but not impressive, given the millions of people visiting Google sites daily.

My favorite is two women using Google Translate to order over the phone Indian take-out food in Hindi. Sure enough, the food shows up. Pretty funny. Also very impressive that Google Translate works so well. Of course, they can’t understand what the order-taker says back to them, but it won’t be long before Google does voice recognition, I’m sure.

The point is, Google acquires and/or develops some remarkable technologies but has been terrible at promoting them. I’ve complained about that for a long time. They seem to assume that just because they deploy a new feature, people will magically find and use them.

As they get better at marketing their various functions, and the rest of us become so dependent on using them, when will the inflection point occur where Google becomes the scary monopolist with access to all our information in every medium and we start turning against them? Just ask Microsoft

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