Nami Media Entrepreneurship Award and Interview on socalTECH

A few days ago, we learned that Nami Media had been selected as a Finalist for the PricewaterhouseCoopers Entretech Entrepreneursip Award 2008. Only three finalists made our category of emerging companies with annual revenues of $1-$8 million, and after attending the presentations, I can say that Nami is definitely the company which has come the farthest with the least external funding. We’ll learn if we won our category at a dinner on March 6….

PricewaterhouseCoopers and Entretech Announce Finalists for 5th Annual Entrepreneurship Awards 2008

Also, SoCalTech published an interview where Gary Mittman, CEO / Co-founder of Nami Media, and I offered our views on Nami Media’s progress, direction and benefits of being funded by the Pasadena Angels. This exposure is critical for Nami to gain in the LA area, not so much to win more business, but to hire more and better people — we’re growing a great team, and it’s key that people see they’re joining a winner.

Interview with Ken Hayes and Gary Mittman, Nami Media February 8, 2008

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