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Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tony DeMaio for the emerging Internet radio company, BigMediaUSA, for his program Ugotta Get Funded. A number of Pasadena Angels have been interviewed about the Angel funding process, but my topic was really how angels specifically assist companies (besides investment) and how small companies can attract the right angels for help.

How do angels help entrepreneurs and their companies before they invest, and what kind of work do they do after investment? What kind of entrepreneurs benefit best by this arrangement, where angels have a desire to participate in the company, rather than just invest passively?

Tony has put together a radio concept to enable multiple channels, programs and segments which will appeal to a wide variety of listeners, with search-engine-optimized descriptions to draw traffic. This is my first time being on Internet Radio. I’d love to hear your comments – can you actually sit through a 40 minute program on the web? It went by quickly for me, at least. Do you actually download these programs to your iPod?

Radio isn’t new to me. For four years in college, I was a DJ on KSPC FM 88.7 The Space.  That was a pretty fun time; although we were a “small” station, our broadcast footprint included nearly 2 million people in Los Angeles. I enjoyed playing 80’s New Wave and Alternative music which I found on my study abroad trips to Europe. Back then, a first-year DJ would start out on the dreaded Monday 6am-9am shift, eventually working up to the coveted Friday 6pm-9pm shift – late enough to play loud music, but finished early enough to hit the parties. Ah, the good old days…

Disclosure:  I was not paid, nor did I pay, a fee to be interviewed. BigMediaUSA is not a client nor investment of mine.

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  1. Ken Hayes says:

    Must not have gone well for BigMediaUSA, since their site has now been dead for a while, so the links above will not work…

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