New Occupation for 10-Year-Old WoW Addict

Everyone knows my son is hooked on World of Warcraft; I’m still deciding if this is really a problem or not.  At least he could have a new job opportunity:  “power leveling consultant”.  If you don’t spend at least 10 hours a week in an online game, you won’t have any idea what this is.

WOW, like many multiplayer online games, enables a player’s character to accumulate digital tools, skills and higher “levels” within the game based on how one plays and for how long.  This keeps the game interesting and perpetual.

It’s estimated that it takes a new player a minimum 768 hours of play(!) to reach the top Level 70 in World of Warcraft.  If you’re an ordinary guy working a full-time job, and you still need to sleep, but you’re willing to eat while playing, you can accomplish this in perhaps 30 weeks, or in just 16 weeks if you also play 12 hours every Saturday and Sunday.  Too long in today’s ADD society…

E-bay recently banned sales of “virtual” digital assets and characters on its site, and in fact such transactions usually violate the terms of use of the games themselves.  So you can’t just buy someone else’s character any more.

Enter a new service industry:  power-levelers.  These people, expert players, for a fee, take over your account and play on your behalf until they reach your goals.  One company charges $556 to reach level 70.  That works out to 72 cents per hour.  You can also hire them for $1.30 per hour, to work during the night while you’re sleeping. has been around since October 2004, and they’ll start working on your account within 30 minutes of payment.  There is no postal address on the website, although the domain is registered in China, which may explain why their rates are so low.

To be clear, I don’t condone these services at all — you’re cheating to get ahead, you’re violating the games’ rules, and you’re missing out on the fun of the game.

On the other hand, how else could my kid earn $500 bucks doing what he loves?  Does he have to speak Chinese to get this job?  Now, if I could only hire a power-leveler to do my exercise workouts, lose my extra pounds and earn my salary in the real world…

Outsourcing your ‘Warcraft’ skills

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