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Pitfalls of Online Advertising: RON and the Mounties

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which I’m sure is an effective police force, learned this week that it’s not a very savvy Internet advertiser, despite the force’s good intentions.  I’ll bet they don’t even know why.  Here’s my guess:  they … Continue reading

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To Live and WiFi in L.A.

Looks like our Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa wants to blanket our city with wireless Internet coverage by 2009 to enable universal access, reported by the LA Times.  Cost is estimated at $54m-$62m, which sounds pretty cheap to me – to … Continue reading

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New Occupation for 10-Year-Old WoW Addict

Everyone knows my son is hooked on World of Warcraft; I’m still deciding if this is really a problem or not.  At least he could have a new job opportunity:  “power leveling consultant”.  If you don’t spend at least 10 hours a week in … Continue reading

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