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New Year's Eve Tradition – Dinner For One

If you’re American or British, you have almost certainly never seen the English-language TV program which holds the Guinness Record for most all-time broadcasts.  “Dinner For One” was recorded in Germany in 1963 and has been broadcast New Year’s Eve … Continue reading

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Identity Theft of an Entire Family

Heard about the hackers who made off with personal data of 800,000 people connected to UCLA?  It’s big news here in Los Angeles.  Included names, Social Security numbers, birthdays and even home addresses of students, alumni, faculty, staff, etc.  Although … Continue reading

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Angel Funding Process – better than herding cats

Angel funding for growing companies is a mysterious process to most entrepreneurs.  Somewhere between hitting up your rich uncle and begging for a loan at the bank, a professional angel group can provide $250,000 to $1.5m in equity funds to … Continue reading

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