School Presentation – Internet Advertising

Below is a link to a PowerPoint presentation I gave this evening as part of a panel discussion on Internet usage by children to teenagers:  The Internet:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

My primary point was that kids will use the Internet, whether we parents want them to or not, and we must equip them appropriately. 

My second point was that free, ad-supported sites like MySpace have a huge incentive to get children to lie about their age in order to sign up as many users as possible.  Put another way, would MySpace ever achieve 70-plus million users if it cost every kid $10 per month from a parent’s credit card?  Since different features (e.g. searches) are available to different age groups, there is an additional incentive to lie about one’s age and/or misrepresent oneself.

Internet Advertising (201k)

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