Information Persistence – Proud Father

Following on the theme of Information Persistence, the permanent record of whatever you post online, I’m going to demonstrate the positive consequences (hopefully) of this effect, known as the “Proud Father Syndrome”.

Not just because I want to show off my kids (who demonstrate repeatedly that they can speak for themselves, thank you very much), but rather to preserve evidence.  When they are teenagers and convinced Dad is square and that they never did anything exciting, I can at least prove them wrong.  Sort of a parental CYA

Below are my children at Mammoth Mountain.  Our daughter, 7, has just skied down the Black Diamond-rated Cornice Bowl from the 11,000 ft peak — for the first time.  Looking back up the face, it must seem awfully steep and high up, and it is.  Our son, 9, seeks out Expert and Double-Black runs, and skis them with better form than Dad.  So the next generation is having fun and improving the gene pool, at least.

CKH at base of Cornice Bowl, Feb-06 PKH and CKH at Blue Jay, Feb-06

P.S. Talk about training your kids for life, I can highly recommend the Mammoth Mountain Sports School’s Group Lessons, which have given both kids the skills they need to be safe and have fun.  The instructors are entertaining, responsible and have the patience of Jobe.  A great supplement to Mom and Dad!

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2 Responses to Information Persistence – Proud Father

  1. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  2. Marc Raphael says:

    Ah, the written word and the photograph, guardians of the past.
    The story goes…One day, a proud father eagerly pulled from his archives evidence to support the claim that he was once cool and hip. Years later, a child of this proud father pulled from her archives (yes children today are building their own archives) one photo supporting her father’s claim and another refuting it. The moral of this story – parents, when your children come of age, be prepared for a little roasting. And they will use information persistence to do it. You just wait.
    Meanwhile, keep smiling. You have two wonderful children.

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