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MySpace: Parents' Dilemma – the New "Sex Ed"

If you’re age 14-24, you’re already on  If you’re over 40, you have no idea what 50 million plus young people are doing on a site with more traffic than even giant Google.  For parents, teaching your children about … Continue reading

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Jaywalking into Orwellian Hell

I will admit I’m “guilty” of crossing an empty street devoid of traffic in Downtown LA.  The only witness was an LAPD motorcycle officer who I suspect was in a bad mood or trying to fill a quota.  Apparently all … Continue reading

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Google: Monopolist in the Making?

Google’s motto may be “make money without doing evil“, but they are assuming powerful market control over their AdWords marketplace, which I would argue has a value equal to their market cap, approx. $111 Billion(!).  Compare this to the value … Continue reading

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Google's Ultimate Marketplace

I haven’t heard it expressed this way before, but I would suggest that Google has inadvertantly hit upon the world’s ultimate marketplace, and I don’t think many non-Internet-savy people have realized this: “Google has created, owns and unilaterally controls the largest … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Why is new technology so frustrating?  Does it really improve our lives, or is it just making daily life more complicated?  Have I been too involved in all this (now for 25 years) that I am so cynical I cannot … Continue reading

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